we were at the moon...

Space Debris made different records.
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yeah! 2 "new" DLPs from SD are out: the formerly as LP available now Double !-LP "Three" with 2 LP-Sides more bonus-tracks from the original sessions & first time on vinyl: "Into The Sun" live, are both available:

the newest CD "Good Doberan live 2007 - Archive Volume 8" is available now! 8-page booklett-jewelcase with full concert at Zappanale-Festival 2007 in Bad Doberan:

...the new Archive Vol 7 "Menhir" with this time Thomas Hinkel on keyboards, is available, released 9/2020!

3 releases in november 2019:

first time on vinyl: DLP- "Journey To The Starglow Restaurant":

(incl. 30 min prev. unreleased bonuslongtracks from the original sessions 2007)

"The title track of the ‘Journey to the Starglow Restaurant’ LP, is brilliant. I do like to listen to up front drummers, too many of them remain in the background repeating basic patterns but Christian, in the afterglow of great jazz drummers, is energetic and a driving force to the lead musicians rather than accepting mere subservience, he is a leader, bringing out the best in the guitar and organ maestros and propelling their solos into the aether. The music really comes alive on vinyl."(Phil Jackson/Acid Dragon-Printmagazine 2020)

and 2 new archive CDs:
Archive Vol 5 (Freak Valley Festival 2012):

+ Archive Vol 6 (prev. unreleased Special Outtakes from 2005-2008 with Tom Kunkel/Hammond):

Our new live DLP/2CD/MC since may/2018:

Titel: „Mountain Ultimate“
This is the most complete and maybe the best live performance of Space Debris at the wonderful and perfectly organized festival „World-Music-Festival-Loshausen'. The band playes in front an audience that is dancing permanently in spite of the nocturnal rain. A heavy hammond sound delivers the foundation for a dominant guitar play and an amazing bass groove of the meanwhile fully integrated femal bass player Vroni Frisch, who delivers an extra kick. The album contains all songs from the gig, including the Space Debris classic 'Mountain' in a 20 minutes long version. The band plays this track since more than 10 years and develops and modifies it permanently. „Spacedelic Odyssey' contains a complete concert in Jazzkeller Hofheim 2016. The bass was played by Janni Schmitt (known by the last Miller Anderson and Pete York concerts), who already participated on the Space Debris album 'Behind The Gate'. The experimental Keyboards are a little bit more dominant than at the Loshausen gig. This concert is available for the very first time on a lovingly created music cassette! A must for analogous fans! The double fold insert contains many live pictures.

DLP „Mountain Ultimate“
2CD „Mountain Ultimate“ (incl. “Spacedelic Odyssey”-Bonus CD)
MC “Spacedelic Odyssey”
Mountain Ultimate - Besetzung: Tommy Gorny, Winnie Rimbach Sator, Christian Jäger , Vroni Frisch / 2017


Mountain Ultimate DLP:
A2. Sublunar Overdrive
A3 Happy Saucer
B1 Mountain Ultimate
C1 Interstellarus Rex
C2 Transhuman
D1 Into The Earth
D2 Nodus (Bonus)
2CD "Mountain Ultimate":

CD1 Main:
> 1 Nightslider
2 Sublunar Overdrive
3 Happy Saucer
4 Mountain Ultimate
5 Interstellarus Rex
6 Transhuman
7 Into The Earth

CD2 Bonus (Spacedelic Odyssey):
1 Nodus
2 Interstellarus Rex II
3 Ur
4 Dump Diver
5 Spacedelic Odyssey
6 Into The Hall

MC-80-cassette-tape "Spacedelic Odyssey"

Spacedelic Odyssey - musicans: Tommy Gorny, Winnie Rimbach Sator, Christian Jäger, Janni Schmidt / 2016

Seite 1: Nodus - Interstellarus Rex II - Ur
Seite 2: Dump Diver - Spacedelic Odyssey - Into The Hall

and here is our newest studio-CD or DLP:

here is a promo-song "Blue Alert (edit)" of our newest record "Behind The Gate":

Blue Alert (edit)mp3-file

Tracklist DoubleCD:

CD1: 1.Sunlight - 2.Behind The Gate - 3.Ohnword - 4.Stardreamer - 5.Sun Of Fun - 6.New Rag (ext.)

CD2: 1.Music Is God - 2.Blue Alert - 3.bis5.Summernightdrive part 1+1ext.+2 - 6.Planet Paradise

Tracklist DLP:

Seite 1: Sunlight - Behind The Gate – Seite 2: Ohnword - Stardreamer - Sun Of Fun

Seite 3: Music Is God - Blue Alert – Seite 4: Summernightdrive part 1+2 - Planet Paradise

Since November 2017 our new CD "Back To Universe - Archive Vol. 4" with 4 Tracks from the old members 2004:

They've done it again ... after their first appearance at the Burg Herzberg Festival now the new DVD "Live at Herzberg Festival 2015" is available. Before late-evening with closely packed audience, accompanied by the radiant full moon in the starry sky Space Debris played again but in a time yet even more energetic way. Five Psychedelic + Kraut rock longtracks fired intensively and passionately by the band. This time produced with lovingly designed optical effects and gimmicks to a film that will capture the spirit of Freak Scene. Exemplary of the development of the band is the song "Heart Mountain", which is based on a theme of a song shown in 2006 named "Mountain" and has now grown in the new version of the new DVD to a 20-minute track, where the middle part has been expanded to a quasi cosmic, rich in variation, psychedelic hardrock-trip. The about 78 minutes long concert ends this time with the title "Into The Moon"! On a second “bonus DVD” the band offers even another concert from 2013. It exists as a kind of anticipation of the current band line-up with bassist Janni Schmitt even before he gets a regular member of the band in Oktober/2015. A Hardrock-Fusion-Psychedelic-Krautrock -trip!

1. Comin Home (13:55)
2. Black Orbit (16:12)
3. Heartmountain (21:50)
4. Tribal Night (13:14)
5. Into The Moon (12:41)


...and our new single with Paisley Tree and Space Debris is also available:

Our live CD-digipac "Space Debris at Finkenbach"


1. Sunny Freaks 9:24mp3-file
2.Finkimountain 19:52
3.Woodways (part 1) 8:16
4.Woodways (part 2) 9:46
5.Out Of The Sun 7:54
6.Bonus: Demons 16:06

Design – C. Jäger Mastered By – C. Jäger Mixed By – C. Jäger Photography By – Magic Petra
Recorded By Andy Horn, Günter Theis, except Bonus Track Rec. By Adansonia

all songs by Space Debris Finki 2012 expect bonus Koblenz 2014, produced 2015

With now finally unbearable heat, space debris was a real blast. The Odenwald quartet sent the audience on a wonderful trip of spacey psychedelic guitars and fat organ. They played hard rocking, but sometimes slightly jazzy, when the keyboardist was switching to electric piano. Until then, not only clearly the highlight of the festival, but alone a sufficient reason for the trip to Finkenbach. (progrock-dt) It took only two minutes for the Space Debris atmosphere enveloping the festival grounds. (German rock) The heat combined with psychedelic blues rock à la Jimi Hendrix ... It's hard to describe the whole. It was purely and simply ... perfect! (finches bach) Space Debris offered by no means 'space debris', as the name implies. Rather than that, they played psychedelic blues rock with reminiscences of Jimi Hendrix or the seventies band Nektar. (Darmstadt Echo) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The new DLP und CD (Digipac) "phonomorphosis" from April 2014

1. Colossus Stranded 20:45
2. Phonomorphosis 19:46 mp3-file 12:20 Min. edit
3. Cat Flow Deluxe 19:47
4. Journey Back To The Moon 18:35

again 2x140 gr black vinyl or CD-digipac!

recordings und pre-mastering by Jan Dewald< br> DMM Direct-Metal-Mastering by Pauleracoustics

musicians: Tommy Gorny (g),Christian Jäger (dr), Winnie Rimbach-Sator (k), Mitja Besen (b)
frontcover-paintings & guest-vocals (1.) by Magic Petra
produced by C.Jäger - breitklang.com

" Phonomorphosis " is the title of the first studio disc of space debris since the legendary " Elephant Moon" from 2008 and was recorded in Mannheim, Germany by Jan Dewald . The sound is richer than usual. Drummer Christian Jäger plays once again a Ludwigdrumset from the 70s , but this time with larger drum sizes, which immediately brings weight for the sound. The record contains four 20-minute, very different , highly varied Krautrock-Monster - long tracks in the genres of psychedelic rock , hard rock, fusion. The entrance song " Colossus Stranded " floats with a long organ intro melancholy in the psychedelic guest vocals from Magic Petra, (the coverpaintings, which once again corresponding to the music, are also from her ) then mutate into a dreamy- contrasting hardrocker, the opposite end turns to a classic Purple-Battle between organ and guitar. The title song " Phonomorphosis " is a very versatile music - trip using all registers of the Krautrock craft, drifting towards the end even in dub themes and psychedelic funk. The third Long Track " Cat Flow Deluxe " sounds first like a zappaesque Blues, then there follows coolness alla Doors and the end brings almost oriental but dirty rock . The song " Journey Back To The Moon " is very reminiscent of the first discs of space debris with heavy, distorted, wailing organ, as if it was 1970 recorded , it's the only song which has already been recorded end of 2012 in a different recording session .

DLP/CD (digipac) "She´s a Temple" 2013

(click for large foto)
1. Palmyra 14:59 mp3-file
2. Cloudwalker 4:41
3. Creation (part 1) Glimpse Of A Dying Sun 8:59
4. Creation (part 2) Everdrifting Particle 8:56
5. Skinflight 2:34
6. Time Traveller 8:32
7. She´s A Temple 11:53
8. Supernova 1604 16:46
9. Zenobian Dance 5:21 (only Vinyl Bonustrack)
2x140 gr black vinyl or CD-digipac!

The 10th Space Debris album "Shes A Temple" will be released as digipack CD and Double-LP with gatefoldcover. This time, the sound is a little bit earthier and harder. Their way of playing has become more mature and fluently. Most of the creative longtracks are telling stories which shall inspire the fantasy of the listener. The listener is intended to be the fifth musician who always participates through his imagination. The music is related to the instrumental parts of known bands of the 70's like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Mountain, KingCrimson or Hawkwind. It also has jazzy parts but never loses its continuous originality, which has been typical for Space Debris for 12 years now. The cover picture shows the antique desert city of Palmyra and refers in the connection the Venus of Cabanel to the successful ruler Zenobia, who however was finally beaten by the Romans.

in 2011/12 we celebrated 10 years of Space Debris music with three CDs "Archive Vol 1 + 2 +3":

1. Journey To The Starglow Restaurant 30:01 (2007)mp3-file (only middle part/edit)
2. Hypnotic Jerks 14:05 (2004)
3. Freeflight 11:51 (2008)mp3-file
4. Bilham 12:17 (2008)
5. Love me Two Times (Doors) 3:36 (1994)
6. Don Quichote 4:08 (2004)
7. Space Junk 3:24 (2006)

1. The Mandraker 2:15 (live Trebur ´98)mp3-file
2. Whales Bad Doberan 13:43 (live Zappanale 2007)
3. Who 7:55 (live Zürich 2009)
4. Go East 15:02 (live Dresden 2010)
5. Space Out 5:43 (live Dresden 2010)
6. Winipan 16:42 (live Miltenberg 2010)mp3-file
7. Clint 7:18 (live Michelstadt 2004)
8. Exterra Dive 9:40 (live Michelstadt 2004)
9. Away 1:06 (2004)

1. Mary-Joe-Anna 10:14 (Zürich 09)mp3-file
2. Reprise Of The Sun 3:32 (Zürich 09)
3. Deepest View 21:30 (Michelstadt 04)
4. Moon Roots 6:23 (Weschnitzmühle 04)
5. Blues 5:39 (Weschnitzmühle 04)
6. "Anima 9:17 (Siegen 08)"mp3-file
7. Latrino Mortadella II 9:16 (Siegen 08)
8. Astronaut Versus Kosmonaut 5.30 (Siegen 08)
9. Namber Nein 0:27 (Exil 00)
10. MoJoMe III 1:33 (Weschnitzmühle 01)
11. Mynona 4:04 (Weschnitzmühle 04)
12. Jerrys Aural Innovations 0:10 (Radioansage Jerry Kranitz 04)

songs 1,2,6,7,8,9 keyboards Winnie; songs 3,4,5,11 hammond Tom to get order info please mail to: info@spacedebrisprojekt.de


CD/DLP "Live Ghosts" since 2009/10 available:

1. Solarization 7:05
2. Love Weibrator 6:25
3. Transmigration 8:38mp3-file
4. Latrino Mortadella 7:37
5. Dance Of The Holy Orbit 4:55
6. Electric Eagle 7:23mp3-file
7. Omnitron 6:12
8. Mountain Rising 5:25
9. Science Fiction Is Today 11:02

DLP since 5/2010 includes 3 Bonus-Songs:
"Latrino Mortadella II"
"Astronaut Versus Kosmonaut"

Line-up: Tommy Gorny (guitar, bass bei # 9) Winnie Rimbach-Sator(organ, synthesizer)
Christian Jäger (drums) Peter Brettel (bass, guitar bei # 9)


The triple-LP (3LP) "ELEPHANT MOON" released May 2008 is sold out but as 2CD version still available

you can have 6 LP sides on 3LPs in a Deluxe Cover
or Double CD:

CD 1:
1. Free Spirits 21:38mp3-file
2. Heliopolis 14:46
3. Japanese Girl 7:37
4. Medicine Man 8:01
5. Später kommt Peter 4:12
6. Winter 3:27
7. Return Of Voyager 3:03
8. Alien Äppler Party 2:52
9. MoJoMe II 2:02
Bonustrack (only CD):
10.Awaking [complete bird version...] 10:50mp3-file

Bonustrack only on CD:
CD 2:
11. Jazzvibe Explorers (11:03)
2. Space Debris Truckin' (9:18)
3. Black Viking (21:05)
4. Ur-Whales (11:17)
5. Unknown Song (4:40)
6. Longo Ago 12:45mp3-file
7. Rockarola (4:16)


The DVD "Live At Burg Herzberg Festival 2006 - Into The Sun" (ca.90 Min.) also as CD (ca.70 Min.) since august 2007 and since 2021 new also as DLP-vinyl-version! available, also at your record store:

Songlist DVD/CD:

1. Into the Sun 22:05 (CD 18:10)mp3-file
2. Lornas Vibrator 16:15
3. Electric Friends 14:18 (CD 14:32)
4. Mountain 7:00 (CD 7:29)
5. Whales 17:19 (CD 18:28)
6. Jam Bang 5:40 (CD 4:51)


third LP or CD "THREE" (ca. 46 min.) since 11/2006 available and now also as DLP (2021)/CD (2012) with Bonussongs :

(p) 2006, black vinyl 140 gr includes poster or available as CD

1. Dark Star (5:43)
2. Saurus 7:00mp3-file
3. Trip Vitesse 9:57
4. Mountain 6:20
5. La Mano de Dios 15:10 (auf CD extended-version 19:42 )

"Three" is now new available as "Deluxe"-DLP with bonus- and extended Tracks!


second Double-LP Vinyl oder CD "KRAUT LOK" since 10/2005 available (ca. 82 min.)

(p) 2005, black vinyl 140 gr, gatefold-cover, coloured inner sleeves,

1. Boliviamp3-file
2. Capitalists Nightmare

1. Xenufo
2. Trans Odenwald
3. Electric Friends
4. Purple Dream

1. Kraut Lok

1.Second Sight
2.Awaking (edit und nur auf Vinyl)mp3-file
3.Magic Paisleys

This DLP Is now new available as "Deluxe"-DLP with extended Tracks!

first Double-LP Vinyl or now CD "KRAUTROCKSESSIONS 1994 - 2001" (84 min.)

Musicians: Tommy Gorny (git./voc.), Tom Kunkel (hammond-organ/organ-bass/synth.), Uwe Moldrczyk (bass, wahwah-git.), Thomas Schütz (bass), Rainer Kühnel (bass), Jochen Meister (git.), Eric Bläss (git.), Sven Köthe (voc.), Christian Jäger (drums/congas/perc.). (p) 2002, black vinyl 140 gr., gatefold-cover, coloured inner sleeves


1.Long Distance Voyager (1998) 9:22)mp3-file
2.Green Skies (1998) 8:25/)mp3-file
3.Mo-Jo-Me (2001)(only vinyl-version) 2:58


4.We were at the Moon before you were at the Moon (1999) 16:12
5.Lorna’s Vibrator (short version) (1999) 1:07
6.Nuff & Nunner (1999) 3:11


7.Lorna’s Vibrator (long version) (1999) 2:48
8.Phobos Was Here (1999) 11:14
9.Big Babys Birthday (1996) 6:54


10.Gaspra 951 (1994) 8:25
11.Daydream (1996) 10:40
12.Miranda (1998) 2:28

Total: 83:44

This DLP Is now new available as "Deluxe"-DLP with 3 Bonustracks!

if you want infos how to get them, please go to green-brain-krautrock.de

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