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NEWS 2001-today

last SD live gigs :

- 18.Aug.23 friday-headliner at Festival-Crescendo.com in Saint Palais sur Mer/France
- 13.Aug.22 Finkenbach-Festival 19 Uhr
- 30.July.22 Freakstage Herzberg-Festival
- 14.Dez.19 Siegen Vortex X-mass-festival
- 01.Nov.19 Marburg Cafe Trauma
- 09.Aug.19 Koblenz Stadtfest Orange Stage 23h

Here is a little 7 minute-fotostory with music, which shows, how phantastique it was, to play in France, direkctly at the beach/sea with all the firstclass international progbands:

The french Progrock-Print-Magazine "Highlander" writes about our gig: "...bien joué proposant d’exprimer le passé des années psychédéliques KrautRock. Du lyrisme, du charme et ses demi-teintes d’exquises inflexions. Le public suit la moindre note envoûtante, dansante. Des solos vertigineux de guitare accompagnés par une section rythmique audacieuse sur les nappes des claviers où la rigueur et la liberté d’expression dominent. Ils nous rendent le fil d’une pensée subtile et d’un solide savoir-faire. Le public passionné répond par sa chaleureuse présence aux cinq musiciens, un lien puissant s’établit entre eux. Quatre autres pièces aux sonorités exacerbées avec Lornas Vibrator [du Dlp KRAUTROCKSESSIONS 2002), Out Of The Sad (nouvelle composition improvisée), Mountain (From Lp THREE 2006), Into The Sea (nouvelle composition improvisée). Œuvres instrumentales d’inspiration descriptive avec du piquant et des progressions dynamiques au mordant rythmique paré d’une certaine vitalité. Space-rock, jams expérimentales, sur des réflexions profondément imprégnées de leur héritage des seventies, basculant une émotion contaminante à l’appui de citations thématiques. Des associations de cellules mélodiques s’imbriquent et assurent à l’œuvre une cohésion. Elles forment ensemble une jam brillante dans un esprit périlleux foisonnant et sincère. Musique insatiable, tempos et nuances bien marqués. SPACE DEBRIS, fait ainsi sa différence et sa révérence vers Oh30 avec ses accents sur ses notes libres, dans un déchainement instrumental titanesque vers le final avec un public complice, dense et de plus en plus nombreux. Marie MESME (Highlander-Magazine)" - to read the full article, please click here: "pdf".

Hey, we are happy to play as friday-headliner at the very fine Festival-Crescendo.com in France, Saint Palais sur Mer

our Starglow-Restaurant-CD from 2011 actualy is "CD of the week" at rockradio.de and since 2 years also available on vinyl-DLP with gatefold-cover - thats my way to listen - best wishes Christian

One more lovely Festival! Finki 2022 was amazing, too! We think, that we played one of our best gigs there! Thanx to all!

Ein Konzertfilm von Tilman Zender ist unerwartet aufgetaucht, wir sind begeistert von dem Film vom Finki 2022:

And before that, we played at a very special Hippie-Festival:

It was one more time an absolutely pleasure to play at the Herzberg-festival! Thank you all!

10.july.2021: dear SD-Fans of the early SD-Members (2001-2008) with Tom Kunkel , Tommy Gorny and Christian Jäger. This year there will be some "new" records from previously unavailable old material from the first era of Space Debris. At first now available the CD "Archive Vol. 8 - Good Doberan live 2007" with Tom Kunkel in his best form!

with 8-page-booklet...aaaand in october: 2xDLP-vinyls, too ....the long sold out old studio LP "Three" is now re-realeased as remastered studio-DLP-gatefold-cover-"Three Deluxe" with 2 full vinyl-sides of prev.-unreleased on vinyl-bonus-deluxe-songs more from the original recording sessions in 2006!! ...and: the 2007-DVD "Into The Sun" will be on vinyl two, for the first time prev. unreleased as DLP-Vinyl with gatefold-cover two and with new artwork from Tom Kunkel and remastered ...Greetings Christian

...and we are in the "Top 10 Neo Kraut"-LPs with our 13 years old "Elephant Moon":

2021 we have the 20th anniversary of the first Space Debris record pressing! Thats what we want to celebrate with YOU by listening to this previously unavailable track "Voodoo" ...
This track is only available here at bandcamp and not on CD / vinyl. Maybe sometime in a few years on an archive CD, but we don't know.

This was the first recording session as "Space Debris". It was an analog recording in Heppenheim. It's something like a "Kraut Lok" outake that was played the same evening just before "Second Sight". This was the first session that was recorded in 2004 after the three founding members Kunkel / Gorny / Jäger decided to continue as the band "Space Debris". As you may know, the first Space Debris DLP "Krautrocksessions" was pressed in 2001 with tracks recorded in the 90s when we didn't have that band name. Within this longtrack there are a few short citations. They reflect some ideas from our first DLP and some well known bands we like!
Thank you for your constant support!

new album "menhir" is available at www.green-brain-krautrock.de:

24.jul.20 ...here is the LP/CD-Cover:

26.jun.20: Hi, the mixingmastering of the recordings is finished for our next CD & LP"Menhir".. This time with Thomas Hinkel at fine psychedelic keys (ex-Schwefel). Now Manuel Lambertz is doing the cover-front-artwork and later i will do the booklett-design-layout etc. ...it will take 2-3 month to the release, maybe in october/november.
Greetings to you! :-) Christian /SD

13.may.20: Herzberg-Gig will be in 2021 (31.July) - this years is cancelled. Look at our bandcamp-site to help us, and for example download our new -digital only- "best of" -album there...thanx!

25.feb.20 yeah! ...we feel good between bands like Kraan, Guru, Guru, Siena Root etc.:

December/14/2019 gig in Siegen (RockFreaks/Vortex/Freak Valley)!

22.nov.19 thats how the new Starglow-DLP with prev. unreleased bonustracks looks like: 8 years after the CD version ...:

11.sept.19 in november we will release 3 new records: first time on vinyl: DLP- "Journey To The Starglow Restaurant" (incl. 30 min prev. unrel. bonuslongtracks from the original sessions 2007)
and the new 2 archive CDs Vol 5 (Freak Valley Festival 2012) + Archive Vol 6 (special outtakes/studiotracks 2005-2008 with Tom Kunkel/Hammond)

...next gigs are with Thomas Hinkel on keys, because Winnie has too much other gigs in 2019 unfortunately

12.dez.18 here you can see 2 of the 4 sides of the new innersleeve-artwork of our new deluxe-remastered-DLP "She´s a temple" (Reissue 2018):

11.08.18 it was a fine Gig at the Queck-Meck-Festival! Thanx to Boris and all the people, dwe met there (f.ex. Conny from Lover 303 and und Denis from "Spaceparty" who both are playing in the band "Weltraum" etc.). (click at pic to see more) :

05.05.18 Our new records are comming in may! Once more at Rudis www.green-brain.krautrock.de! It´s a DLP "Mountain Ultimate" plus for friends of vintage-technics first time a MC-casstte-tape-80min "Spacedelic Odyssey"! Both together as 2CD "Mountain Ultimate"(incl. Bonus-CD "Spacedelic Odyssey):

...please look also at bandcamp and the others (Deezer/Spotify/Amazon etc.)

27.12.17: in the cool "Timemazine" of "Timelord" Michalis Lagopadis from Greece our last studio DLP "Behind The Gate" belongs to the "best records 2017" :-)

23.07.17 Here are the pics from the night-rapture-gig at Losgausen-World-Music-Festival yesterday night, the audiance was amazing! Thanx to the crew (Dieter, Norbert, Ingo etc, etc), we are now big fans of this phantastic festival!


05.07.17 Hey! We´ve just found some tapes from 2004 with a monster-longtrack and other surprises. They will be at the next Archieve-CD "Vol 4", that´s because i have to work a little; but first let´s drink a holy "Starglow-Koffee"....Prost/Cheers ;-)

16.03.17 Hey! You can listen to or download all of our 13 records incl. bonustracks and remastered versions at bandcamp.

25.01.17 the CD-version is available, but the vinyl will be available end of february!

12.01.17 The Coversartwork of our new LP: "Behind The Gate" :

06.12.2016 Hey! Space Debris is proud to be a part of the 6CD-Box "Space Rock-An Interstellar Traveler´s Guide" (Cleopatra/Los Angeles) with music from bands like: Hawkwind, Amon Düül II, Gong, Can, Guru Guru, Tangerine Dream, Nektar, Ozric Tentacles, Nik Turner, Popol Vuh, Alice Cooper, Wiliam Shatner (!) and many more:

04.12.16 here are some pics from Jazzkeller Hofheim - thanx to Jonas and Ben and the whole team there nad thanyxs to the Trona Experience and we recorded our gig...we will see :-); look at the "four-legs-spider":

02.11.16: we will play again in Hofheim/Jazzkeller on the 2nd of december:

15.07.16 ...it was an very fine gig at the Starkenburgfestival thanx to all!

18.04.16 yesterday: Christian saw his idol Billy Cobham in Weinheim/Cafe Central---:-)

10.04.16 the old Space Deberis Cds "Three" and "Elephant Moon" are again pressed and available, "Three" with 3 Bonustracks from the original Sessions...

05.02.16: our new DVD:

14.11.15: ..and here is the info for the new release of the "NWOK"-Krautrock-sampler, with our song "Villamountain", from the "she´s a temple" recordings, previously unreleased. Thanx to Dieter and his Äxperten"!!

29.10.15: Gig is cancelled in cause of illness, Sorry! Nov. 28th 2015 in St. Wendel:

18.09.15 look at this:

16.08.15: we are proud to be on this cool sampler "Clash Of Ages - German Rock Szene" from label Bellaphon! Krautrockbandlegends like Karthago or Nektar vs. todays german Rockszene: Kadavar, Wolvespirit, Okta Logue and Space Debris etc.

click flyer:

31.07.15 please look at video-clip - today was our gig at the Herzberg-Festival, under the rising full-moon, like a szene from our first Cover-artwork- it was amazing! Thanx to YOU 1500 People!

12.01.15: yeah-man, that was a real cool gig with a superb audience in the Jazzkeller Hofheim! Thanx to Jonas, Ben an the rest of the fine crew there!

23.10.14: our new coloured-special-edition "Phonomorphosis" - DLP is out know!

15.10.14: The Gig in Magdeburg was heavenly-well! Thanks to the team there (z.B. Fati und Winne)! It was also a pleasure to meet the bandmembers of "Electric Moon" Thanx to Andre´ for making pics:

and...we are preparing a Digipac-CD from our Finkenbach-Festival-Gig from 2012...
...and hey! The gig in Koblenz (Danke an Andreas!) at Circus Maximus was very hot!:

21.05.14: here are some fotos from the second Psi-Rock-Festival 16.may 2014 in Mannheim/7er-Club/Germany: (please click at pic)...

23.12.13: the live-gig at the x-mas festival in Weil der Stadt "jh-kloster.de" was a big party!

05.10.13 as usual, it was a big rock-party in the music-club "www.vortex-club.de" yesterday once more! What an audiance - thanx!!

23.09.13 it was a great party in Weinheim, even Mani Neumeier came at the stage for a little Jam with the Ax Genrich Band. Christian jammed with them one take, so three Krautdrummer played at this moment on the stage. Thanx to Jan Dewald who played the bassguitar this evening with Space Debris instead of the ill Mitja.

05.07.13 next two gigs are together with the Ax-Genrich Band (Ex Guru Guru Git.) and at 8.Oct.2013 in Siegen/Vortex and 20.Sept.2013 in Weinheim/Cafe central

04.07.13 isn´t it nice - i´ve just mixed a "little" Monstersession, and you can listen to it by clicking this foto:

18.03.13: our next DLP and CD-digipac "She´s A Temple" will be out at 15.Mai 2013!

19.03.13: Volker from the Rock Freaks/Siegen made pics (please click at the pic here to see more)
at 16.march.2013 in Lakei Helmond, NL, at the "Kozmic Karpet Ride Festival" :
(psychedelic music festival):

26.02.13: Here is a video from the Halle/GER-gig from 15.02.2013, "Objekt5" you can see the lightshow of the "master" Keith Pearson

26.10.12 Cool, neue Gigs: wir spielen am 9.November um 22.30 Uhr in der "Villa Nachttanz" und außerdem am 22.12.12 im "vortex-club.de"

in Siegen beim Freak Valley-Weihnachtsspecial, hier das schöne Plakat:

und es gibt neuerdings auch T-shirts von SD, einfach eine Mail für Infos schicken (s. mailadresse rechts)

13.10.12: the gig yesterday with Baby Woodrose & Holistic Hobos at "jh-kloster.de" in Weil der Stadt/Germany was a good party. Fantastic location and people and we made tapes...Thanx to Fabian and his "Klosterteam"!

19.08.12: it was great at the Finkenbach-Festival yesterday! Thanx to Mani Neumeier, Günther Theis for supersound and to Monsieur Christian Horlé, who saw us the first time live...!

21.05.12 it was big fun playing at Freak Valley Festival, thanx to Jens and the crew, we did some pretty good recordings, also (click at pic to watch more fotos):

fotos from the same gig are also "here" to find and we found also these fine fotos from germanrock.de

14.02.12 since a few weeks we are rehearsing with our new bass-player Mitja Besen! It sounds well, take a look at "musicans"-button at the right...

09.02.12 Jerry Kranitz has just uploaded a new show from Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #279). Aural Innovations broadcasts 24 hours a day in both streaming and download editions. You can go directly to the Radio shows page at: "Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio". Our song "Moon Roots" from our newest CD "Deepest View - Archive Vol. 3" will be there...

05.01.12 good beginning of the new year! we will play also at Freak-Valley-Festival at 19.Mai 2012 !

04.12.12 Good News! We are playing live at Mani Neumeiers (Guru Guru) ""Finki"-(Finkenbach Open Air in Germany/Odenwald)" at 18.Aug.2012. A dream! There will be many Krautrockbands like Guru Guru, Jane, Epitaph and more, too!

03.01.12 Look at Tims Jones "Alchemical Radio" ,Playlists and archive shows can be found there. "www.radiosix.com"
Tim sends: "I love your new album and will be featuring tracks on Alchemical Radio show Nr. 130 soon. Please see the Schedule page at www.radiosix.com for broadcast times of Alchemical Radio on the Internet. Here's to a productive 2012 and congratulations on the release of your EXCELLENT new album!" That is, what a musican want to hear! :-)

17.10.11 "Archive Vol. 3"-CD is available. Please click at the cover to see low-budgetclip of the recordingsession (but sound on CD will be much better...) with the titelsong "Deepest View":

01.09.11 here is text about SD in hungarian language "text 1" and "text 2"

28.06.11 two of our new songs "Space Out" and "Freeflight" are on air at jerrys-us radioshow #265. You can download the hole show at: "aural-innovations.com"

01.04.11 Good news! The new CDs "Archive Volume 1+2" are now available to celebrate 10 years of Space Debris (2001-2011)!! :-)

06.09.10 pic from the gig in Dresden:

16.03.10 our newest "Live Ghosts" will be be available soon as DLP-vinyl-version ("GREEN BRAIN" -label) At the 4. LP -side there will be an extra "bootleg" from the Gig in Siegen 2008!

14.03.10 here is a foto of the gig in Miltenberg , it was a nice concert again with Ginger Jamband/CH (Thanx to Gerd/Big Mama), we will listen to the tapes...

03.02.10 a real fine underground printmagazine where you can find a review about us...:

20.01.10 Our last CD "Live Ghosts" is one of "The best of 2009 from Phil Jackson, writer, reviewer for Acid Dragon Magazine out of Europe" click here: MySpace-blog

12.01.10 since today you can listen to a live recording at our MySpace-site: a part of our show, when somebody came on stage in Zürich/Switzerland and did very fine lead vocals. We still don´t know who he was...Thanx!

07.01.10 We´ve just found that rare english review of our 3-LP Elephant Moon; very interesting reviews you´ll find there at Astralheadspace.blogspot.com:
"Fly into the sky, you keep getting higher. Be sure to watch out for Space Debris. Swabia's finest, Space Debris, play a traditional organ-guitar-drum krautrock somewhere between Kosmische and Can. So much so, that their first two albums are named Krautrock-Sessions 1994-2001 (2004) and Kraut Lok (2005). Both are terrific. And then, last year's Elephant Moon was released as a 3xLP deluxe gatefold package (or 2xCD with bonus tracks!), which might be considered overkill. But by now, I think you've discovered that I can handle long instrumental jamming - and the organ adds a great element to the mix. Sometimes the songs are epic explorations, sometimes shorter jams - but as long as there's no vocals or 12-bar blooze, they're always super-spacey and "way out there". The organ definitely allows things to take a more explicitly jazzy turn. I promise not to overuse "jazz" for any instrumental, multiple solo-ing, jamming music. This is primarily space-rock, no doubt about it. But I think it's warranted here - even if it's qualified as the early-'70s Miles-style, or more obviously the Ash Ra freak-out type, of rock-jazz. Elephant Moon (2008) is the last with their original keyboardist, and I think a permanent bassist also joined for Live Ghosts (2009). The new guy sounds just fine, especially for a first record, replacing a critical member, live. The band's official site has interesting info, pictures, etc. For instance, I just learned that they did a few shows in Switzerland earlier this month. Cool! And it can point you to some (currently 8) free downloads - you 'pay' 0.00 Euros. So, check 'em out if you like any of the tagged genres. And there's a performance video, so you can witness the Teutonic glory..."
Our record is listet there between the 10 best Albums 2008...

18.09.09 here are some pics from the gig in Bern/Switzerland. Thanx to Didu and Monika! Here is the link to the full gallery "www.nousser.ch"

04.07.09 in september we will have a little Trip to switzerland :

15.04.09 Our Song "Transmigration" is published together with a lot of other Kraut-Music at the new "KRAUTSCHOCK" -Sampler, produced by Lothar Meyer and the german "Krautrock-World-Webradio" (please order at: "Krautrock-world.com").

01.04.09 Our new CD "Live Ghosts" is available, please send a mail !

20.01.09 the gig in Halle was one of our best: 2 hours giving everything in the "Objekt5":
and beautiful tickets, also:

the morning after, fresh and pleased...

30.11.08 here is the beautiful concert-poster of the gig in Geel:

25.11.08 here are the first pics from the gig in Siegen/Germany

02.10.08 here is our new "MySpace"-link. There you can listen to a new song...

13.08.08 here is a new interview by Phil Jackson from prog-magazine Acid Dragon (please click to see), august 2008:

04.08.08 Thanx to Patric, Tobias and Robban and all the friends of Space Debris in Ängelholm/Sweden, who sended these fotos of their local record store to us:

here is also a swedish review from Patric Carlson "It´s all worked out in Boomland/Sweden/Patric Carlson" ,hope its positive :-)...he told me so!

09.07.08 It´s Radio-Time: Tim + Terri from Stonepremonitions (US) wrote : "It´s an EXCELLENT new double CD (Elephant Moon). Garry Lee is playing tracks at "www.starshipoverklow.de" Please check out the playlists on the site. Garry's show is GREAT! The artwork on your CD cover is SUPERB!"

03.07.08 here are fotos from two gigs in Weinheim and Darmstadt june/2oo8

with Winnie Rimbach-Sator on keyboards and Peter Brettel on bass

for more fotos please look at "pics"

15.04.08 Tommy and Christian are playing guitar/bass and drums on a new CD of the singer-songwriter Sven Köthe.
For more please click the button "other projects" here at this website

20.03.08 in may our new disc will be out: "Elephant Moon" as 3xVinyl-LP und 2xCD will be available at this website.
Here is the cover:

31.01.08 a killer-version of our song "whales" (14 min.)is on the fine 2CD-Sampler Zappanale 07, with very good sound, mastered in London, available at "website Zappanale" . There are also "new fotos Space Debris Zappanale"

26.11.07 Our song "Electric Friends" (live) was played at US-Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #189)24th october 2007

22.10.07 Our song "Mountain" (live) was played at US-Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #186), 20th october 2007. Aural Innovations broadcasts 24 hours a day in hi and lo bandwidth Mp3 and RealAudio editions. You can go directly to the Radio shows page at: "aural-innovations.com "

27.08.07 to see lots of stage-pictures v. Zappanale-Gig, please click at the button "pics", or click at this foto here:

09.08.07 our new DVD "Live At Burg Herzberg 2006 - Into The Sun" is available at this website from today (also as CD)and available in every record store up from Oktober. !!!
please click at button "CD/Vinyl" or send here with a click a mail to order: info@spacedebrisprojekt.de

08.08.07 thank you dear Zappanale-Team and visitors for your assistance, although we didn´t play any Zappa-Song! :-) It was a very great festival with a lot of great people!

04.07.07 The gig at Darmstadt was very freaky and hippie-like and we met once more a lot of nice people and musicans:
Here is a foto from the gig at Darmstadt last week:

18.10.06: the new Space Debris LP/CD is out since november 2006, here is a part of the cover-art:

26.07.06 Here are the first fotos from our Herzberg-Performance. It was greatest pleasure to play at such a beautiful and well organized festival!

to see all the photos, please click at the flyer here:

Hi! Good news in new year! We will play at german "Herzberg-Festival" at juli 20th, thursday at main-stage. Hope we´ll see you there...(Christian/6th jan. 2006)

Hi, at Nov 30th evening 22 o´clock there is a 1 hour feature about Space Debris in Radio with little interviews all at german underground radio “Bermuda Funk” "www.bermudafunk.org". All receive-details there at the radio-website. And there are new live photos on this website... Christian/23.november 2005

Hi, we are producing a new Gatefold Double-LP, titel will be: "Kraut-Lok", it will be finished at the end of october. Ain´t that good news? Christian/ 16.Aug. 2005

Hi, again at radio-playlists:at "Drug-Music-Web-Radio" were: 1. "Green Skies" (13.04.2005) and 2. "Long Distance Voyager"(19.5.2005) and the same song again at "Alchemical Radio" 19.06.2005! Christian /23.06.2005

Hi, since April we are available for Japanese Fans , too. Please look at "captaintriprecords " . On this page you can find also very fine music, for example from Ken Matsutani and his Band "Marple Sheep". :-) Christian/Mai/2005

Hi! Here is an artikel published at the webmagazin "Modern Dance" some weeks before:PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ!< Christian/March/2005

Hi, here are some infos about the radioshows where we will be/are/were "On Air":

1. Aural Innovations /USA plays not only our song "We were at the moon..."
2. Bill Fox`Radioshow "Afterglow"/USA with our song "Green Skies". Here is the link, go over soundscapes.
3. www.resonancefm.com in London and
4. a show for german Krautmusic in London. Richard: "I will play some on the next Kosmische radio in a week's time (Tuesday 22:00-23:30 GMT)" at "Kosmische Club and Radio Show"
5. "Radio Six International from Schottland" plays for example our song "Nuff & Nunner"and
6. "Ultima Fronteira (Spain)"
7. "www.ondanada.com"
8. "Gary Foster from eternal-fusion/England" plays different songs from us, for ex. "Phobos was here" via SpydaRadio Broadcasting Available in hi-flydelity broadband mp3 streaming available on-demand until replaced with next show. Now prescribed aurally on a weekly basis. Also available to download as a Podcast for offline listening.
9. Tim (Jones) and Terri from "stonepremonitions"/USA wrote: " Thankyou very much for sending the promo copie of your EXCELLENT Space Debris album! We will definitely be featuring tracks on "Alchemical Radio"(the next series is due soon). We will send you any playlists as soon as we have them. Good luck with your music - WONDERFUL stuff!!! "
10. "Overflow Radio England" plays not only our song "Daydream"
11. Our song "Nuff & Nunner" was played in the USA by "Drug-Music-Web-Radio" ("..for an unreal worldwide web cast"), the playlist you can find here on "www.dorkinglabs.com/seht.php" (New Zealand) And we say: Thank you all and best wishes!!
Christian Jäger/Space Debris/February/March/2005

Hi, here is our Page!:-)
Since the Release Party of the DLP „Krautrocksessions 1994 -2001“ in Februar 2003 we are now a bit introduced in the Kraut-, Prog-, and Psychedelicrock- szenes. We are with two of our songs on Magazin-CD-Samplers (Eclipsed and Moonhead), that means ca. 15 000 Copies of our music are in the "Space" and we have some early good reviews in the web(look at button "reviews" and "links") and also in different Music-Magazines. We take much pleasure in having mostly direkt contact to the Vinyl-Fans. The Projekt "Space Debris" has selled (to costprices)now hundreds of DLPs and CDRs without the help of a record company. Thats the reason we plan a second LP for next year...

If you want to help us, please tell your Underground-Radio/Music-Magazine/Labels/Mailorder/Friends/Vinylfans from us, if you like our stuff. Thats important because we have since now only self-distribution. And a big thank you to all the people, who helped since now., for example: click at "links" and you will find some of the helpers...
And of course thanks to all of you, who are hearing our music....have a nice trip in the space!
Christian Jäger (November/2004)

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